Toggle Switch No.1

This simple circuit will energize and de-energize a relay at the push of a button. Any type of momentary action push-to-make switch can be used. Pushing the button once – will energize the relay. And pushing it a second time – will de-energize the relay.

Schematic Diagram

The circuit id drawn with a single pole relay. But you can use a multi-pole relay if it suits your application. Only one half of the Cmos 4013 is used. So you could construct two independent toggle switches with a single IC. The circuit will work at anything from 5 to 15-volts. All you need do is select a relay with a coil voltage that suits your supply.

The LED provides a visual indication that the relay is energized. In effect – it tells you whether the

switch is on or off. It’s not necessary to the operation of the circuit. If you wish you may leave out R3 and the LED.


Do not use the “on-board” relay to switch mains voltage. The board’s layout does not offer sufficient isolation between the relay contacts and the low-voltage components. If you want to switch mains voltage – mount a suitably rated relay somewhere safe –¬†Away From The Board.

Veroboard Layout

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