The Best of Thomas Scarborough

Thomas Scarborough has made a collection of all his designs available to the plubic. At the moment the series consists of a total of of 4 books.

I am proud to present that The Best of Thomas Scarborough: Book 1 is avalable for download in PDF format at! Best of all: It’s completely FREE OF CHARGE!

“I am delighted to introduce this series of books, an ensemble of simple electronic ideas utilising no more than six components. I am sure they will entertain, fascinate and captivate electronics constructors everywhere.” – Alan R. Winstanley, On-Line Editor of Everyday Practical Electronics. BOOK 1 includes five designs using just 6 components, or less: a sensitive and stable BFO Metal Detector, a Thousand-Year Flasher, an Electric Shock Machine! a Haffler Effect Unit (i.e. a third channel for stereo systems), and a useful Power Switch — with many “further suggestions”. Thomas Scarborough is arguably the most widely published electronics writer-designer of the 21st Century. His designs have graced the covers of Elektor, Everyday Practical Electronics, Nuts & Volts, Popular Mechanics, Servo, and Silicon Chip magazines. Many of his designs have gone into production. He has become particularly well known for his small designs, which have won several awards.

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