Star Trek “Red Alert” siren

This circuit simulates the “Red Alert” siren from the TV show Star Trek. It uses two 555 timers in the circuit.

The 555 on the right is wired as an alarm tone generator and the second 555 timer on the left is wired as a 1.5 second non-symmetrical astable that generates a fast rising but slow falling saw tooth waveform. This waveform is buffered by the transistor and used to frequency modulate the tone generator and making its frequency rise slowly during the falling parts of the saw tooth but collapse rapidly during the rising part of the saw tooth. The output starts as a low frequency, rises for 1.15 seconds to a high tone, ceases for .35 seconds and then repeats the cycle.

Copyright 2001 Randy Linscott

3 thoughts on “Star Trek “Red Alert” siren

  1. Callam froot

    That has nothing to do with star trek, it is an actual circuit diagram design to create a cycling alarm of some sort. It is just a simple electronic circuit board probably invented before next generation made it to the air. Maybe a emergency vechale siren   ?

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