Travel Touch Alarm

The Travel Touch Alarm can be used to provide a audible alarm when someone touches the door knob or handle of your hotel room.

The door knob or handle must be made of metal for the circuit to work. The main chip in the circuit is a 555 timer which will be triggered if a hand comes close to or touches the door knob. The circuit attaches to the door knob at the end of the 1 meg ohm resistor. Once the timer is triggered the LED will light and the UJT will output a tone to the speaker. The timer will time out in 5 seconds. The sensitivity of the trigger can be changed by changing the 1 meg ohm resistor to another value. The 5 second time out can be adjusted by changing the value of the resistor connected between pin 8 and pin 7. The output tone can be changed by changing the RC values on the base of the UJT.

Copyright 2000 Randy Linscott

One thought on “Travel Touch Alarm

  1. sahar

    hello my friend

    can i use a large plate instead of a metal handle in this circuit?

    because i want to build a large metal plate switch

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