AVR LCD terminal

The LCD terminal is a little AVR project for my carputer that plays mp3. It has the following features:

  • Control the LCD (HD44780)
  • Decode ps/2 keyboard commands
  • Control a rc servo
  • Communicate over RS232

Purpose is to connect it to the mp3 computer. The computer is then able to put text on the LCD display via RS232. The servo can also be controlled using the serial line. Purpose of the servo is to automatically hide and unhide the display. Decoding of ps/2 will be used to gather input from an IR receiver I have that emulates keycodes. The keycodes are sent directly to the PC via the serial line.

The code is made in C partially copied from others and partially written by me.
These are the components:

  • main.c, the main routine.
  • lcd.c, HD44780 lcd library by Peter Fleury.
  • ps2.c, ps/2 functions by Vlado Brajer.
  • servo.c, code to control 1 servo.
  • uart.c, code for serial communication.

I used WinAVR (AVR GCC) for development.

LCD connected to the AVR:


1 x ATTiny2313
1 x MAX232
1 x LM7805
And some other mics components


AVR LCD terminal schematic

6 thoughts on “AVR LCD terminal

  1. borge


    Looks like a smart project, i also have a carputer in my car.
    I cant se the pictures of your circuit.
    Are you able to mail them to me.



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