easy-to-build PIC programmer

This is the simple and easy-to-build PIC programmer that I use for many Microchip(r) microcontrollers. Only a few parts, JDM Compatible.


I use IC-PROG with this programmer. I programmed sucessfully the PICs 16F82, 16F628, 12F629, 12F675, 12C50X, also 16F87X series.

12/06/04 Corrected connections on 28-Pins. Thanks to ‘Her Masters Voice’ & Alisher !

Microcontroller PIC microchip programmer. JDM compatible.

Before building this programmer, be sure that your serial port (RS232) have at least 11 Volts. At least 11 volts is needed to program the Series “C” (12C50X, 16C84, etc). With 9.5 volts you will be able to program only a few microcontrollers.

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