Air display

A simple rotating display. Just spin and enjoy. While the "Air display" is rotating, it writes the message on the air. Because the "persistence of the vision", you will be able to read the message. Circuit, see JP6293E.gif.

Download the HEX file – Program the PIC with JP6293E.hex.

Algorithm – Build your own Air Display using code.txt.

The operation is super simple and you don’t need an user manual. Press the button to turn it on. Press the button to change the message and press the button to turn it off.

NOTE: Use high brighness leds to use it in daylight.

Copyright [url=]José Pino[/url]Parts:1 x 12F629 PIC
7 x (high brightness) leds
3 x 10 Ohm resistor
1 x 1 kOhm resistor
Misc, wire switch, etc.

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