Programable LCD counter with memory backup

Programable LCD counter with memory backup

Schematic is shown below:

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One thought on “Programable LCD counter with memory backup

  1. Gary

    Looking for small circuit.. and digits.. for a THREE digit up/down counter (that counts up.. then down FROM WHERE IT LEFT OFF).. switching direction by some simple means; Count is from “000” to “999” (that is, potentially up to 999).

    LCD is preferred but if I can get nothing for LCD, I will use an LED until I can replace it with an LCD.. whatever. Voltage is from low as 6 vdc to 15vdc (12 vdc nominal) input.

    My display location has a window only about 1 inch long and 3/4″ high for all three digits..  a backlight is planned.

    If ANYONE knows where I can find such a circuit I can build to suit, PLEASE let me know where!  Oh, Need this counter to be affordable, not one of those Tyco types that cost $100+ (and usually have 8 digits or so).


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