Do you want to listen to MP3 on your radio? But yout radio doesn’t have a AUX IN or any other Input? Then audioFM can help you. audioFM takes audio signals from a headphone plug and converts it into radio UKW FM signals.

The heart of this small FM Modulator is a tuneable voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) from Maxim-IC called MAX2606. This VCO operates from 70MHz to 150MHz and has a up to -8dBm differential output amplifier.

[color=red:61ebf9f576]Note: in many countries it’s not allowed to broadcast in the UKW (normal Radio) frequency bands!! So use this at your own risk![/color:61ebf9f576]

The audioFM project is based on schematics found in the Internet and from Elektor Magazine!

The EAGLE CAD files will be published at [url][/url] for download after testing. Maybe a filter for pre-emphasis should be added to get a better audio quality.

Copyright Tobias Floery [url][/url]

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